Adidas: Photo Booth


With the aid of our digital department we worked closely with Evoke to put together a pre- Olympic campaign for consumers of the adidas Performance store on Oxford Street to promote the campaign line “Proud to be part of London 2012”.

As part of the campaign consumers were able to sign up for an adidas store card which would enable them to receive numerous discounts as well as the chance to win £250 worth of adidas 2012 apparel.

We aided the campaign by building a bespoke “adidas photo-booth”. On signing up, consumers would have their photo taken. Using our automated photo and RFID technology we would load their image onto their card which would act as a tag at various interactive points within the store. In addition, consumers could swipe their card on the display window at the front of the store, instantly seeing their own image alongside the “Proud to be” message.

The idea was to give consumers the chance to be the celebrity of the adidas brand. Instead of David Beckham, they see themselves further emphasizing the theme that the Olympics is for everyone and a chance to promote the nation.